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Japanese adult movies contain many different niches and the film directors seem to have no limits when it comes to creating unique Japan xxx videos. Since the Asian porn niche is one of our own favorites you will find 80+ reviews with all the top Japanese porn sites. In the top 10 list above we have sorted out the sites that we think deliver the best porn from the land of the rising sun.

When choosing a JAV porn site it’s important to know if the videos are censored or not. Most Jporn porn is censored by law (more about that below) but we have reviewed some great sites like JAV HD (review) that deliver 100% uncensored Japanese porn in HD.

Japanese porn laws

The JAV (Japanese adult video) industry has its own unique characteristics when comparing to the porn that western viewers are used to. One thing that probably everyone has noticed when looking at Japanese porn is the censorship of genitals.

Many readers ask the question of why some JAV porn comes with censorship and others not. That’s because by Japanese law pornography can’t show the genitals of girls or guys. But they are allowed to show breasts, sperm, and anuses (if not penetrated).

Earlier in the 90s they weren’t even allowed to show pubic hair. So how can some sites like JAV HD have 100% uncensored videos? As always with laws, there are companies that find their way around the law and in the cases with uncensored Jporn, they are not Japanese-based companies. The sites are owned by companies outside of Japan and so they are able to publish uncensored content on their websites.

Japan sex cam

Finding a site with live Japanese cam girls is not always that easy. You can find a few Japanese cam girls at most of the major cam sites such as Im Live and Live Jasmin (reviews).

But there’s one site that I can recommend if you want a site devoted exclusively to Japanese cam girls. The site I’m talking about is Sakura Live (review). This is an interesting Japanese sex cam site with some cool features but it’s a bit pricey.

The unique JAV porn niches

If you have ever spent time watching Japan xxx videos, then you’ve noticed the rare and sometimes bizarre niches they have. By reading titles from some DVDs you would think that this must be illegal. However, before giving out a new AV porn movie, the title has to be approved by the Japanese Film Industries control body called Eirin.

What the Japanese porn producers usually do is to change a word in a phrase to make it legal. Using the word high school girl (女子高生) would be illegal because then the girl should be under 15 years old. So then they would change the word to something like student girl (女子校生) because a student girl can be of any age.

Below you’ll see a few popular JAV porn niches with a short explanation.

Bukkake (ぶっかけ)

This means to pour out a liquid causing a splash. So in a typical bukkake scene, you’ll see a girl on her knees surrounded by several men ejaculating on her and causing a splash, covering her whole face with sperm. The bukkake theme has also spread to western porn and one of the top sites is actually a German site called German Goo Girls (review). But our number one ranked site is the Japanese cumplay site Spermmania (review).

Gokkun (ゴックン)

Can be translated into an activity where a lady drinks the semen from a guy or guy’s anus. Often you’ll see her drinking from some sort of a container, like a wine glass.

Hentai (変態)

In the west, most think that Hentai means animated porn which is basically what it is. But from translating the word it actually means pervert. That’s why when you come across animated porn you’ll notice that it’s not just normal porn that has been animated. It’s much more perverted and bizarre and since it’s animated there are no limits to the fantasies. So you’ll see the most extreme bodies and giant cocks penetrating young-looking girls. A funny thing is if you would visit Japan you would actually see people reading these hentai magazines wide open on their commute to work.

Kinbaku (緊縛)

Can be translated to tight binding and this is the Japanese way of bondage or BDSM. In these bondage videos from Japan, you’ll see girls tied up using long, short, thick, or thin ropes to restrain the girls from moving. And here comes the word Shibari that literary means to tie decoratively. Take a look at our review of Asian Ropes and you’ll get a good idea about what I’m talking about.

Cosplay (コスプレ)

This is where the performers dress up in different costumes often to look like a specific character found in cartoons, manga, or comic books.

Then there are other niches like hairy pussies, pregnant, shibari, outdoor, bus sex, public sex, schoolgirls, office sex, squirt sex, sleeping sex, and creampie. This is just a small selection of niches you can expect to find when watching Japanese porn.

A good way to start out your Japan xxx video journey and get a wide range of JP porn niches is on the JAVHD (review) site that contains 16+ sites with each site devoted to a specific niche.