What is Bukkake (Japanese: ぶっかけ)

Bukkake is a niche porn category that originated in Japan in the mid to late 80s and later spread to Europe and North America.

The definition of Bukkake is when two or more guys cum on a girl; this is also often known as cumplay.

The noun word for Bukkake is Bukkakeru and can be translated into sprinkle water or splash. In Japanese, the word Bukkake is commonly used when pouring liquid with so much momentum that a splash appears.

How did the Bukkake niche get started?

Bukkake started to appear in Japanese porn in the mid-80s, and a contribution to that was the porn censor laws in Japan that made it illegal to show genitals without pixelation. So this led to more attention being given to the actresses’ bodies and faces.

The director Kazuhiko Matsumoto is the one that got the credit for making this popular in the 90s. And later on, Bukkake was registered as a trademarked term in 2001 by the adult video studio Shuttle Japan.

If you want to learn more about the definition of Bukkake and its history, head over to Wikipedia Bukkake, which is the source for our description above.

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