What is virtual reality?

You often see the use of VR techniques in the entertainment industry. Most people’s first experience with VR was in 3D cinemas.

It’s been around since the mid-1990s, and back then you had to wear 3D glasses which gave a somewhat immersive experience. I remember my visit to Disneyland back in 1996 where they had this 3D cinema, and at first, I didn’t think that it could be that good.

But man I was wrong. The realness in the movie was exceptional, and I remember one scene as it was yesterday with a snake coming out of the screen as if it was trying to lick my face. I had to take off my glasses as it was so frightening.

And then I thought that if this were a porn movie, it would be the greatest thing ever. Who would have thought that 20+ years later I’d be reviewing virtual porn sites for a living?

Then in 2010, they released the next generation of headsets for commercials: Oculus, HTC, and PlayStation. A few years later around 2015, you started to see virtual reality in the porn industry.

Virtual reality is the best way to watch porn as it feels so real and it’s the closest you can get to the real thing I’m sure it will only get better as they add new features.

The best experience for VR porn is the videos filmed in 360 degrees. Here you can move your head and look around just like you would in real life. It truly makes you feel like you are right there with the girl in the room.

As more and more people have access to VR headsets, I predict that the industry will explode in popularity. Why would you watch regular porn when you can have a VR porn experience?

What do I need to get started?

Most sites are compatible with all the standard VR headsets on the market. You don’t need to buy an expensive headset to get started, you can start by using the google cardboard that you get for free when joining sites like Badoink (review).

So get ready for some Cardboard porn if you like what you see. Then I recommend buying a more expensive headset for an even better experience.

It’s easy to install, and most sites have excellent customer guides and online support to help you get started.

Virtual porn vs regular porn videos

Why should you go from regular porn to virtual sex porn? I usually recommend watching a virtual porn scene to experience it for yourself. Because when it comes to virtual reality, it’s hard to explain how real it feels. It’s one of those things that you have to experience to really understand.

If you don’t want to go out and buy your own headset, then I recommend you at least try it out in a mall or maybe if one of your friends has a Samsung Gear. Nowadays many malls or gaming shops have VR games set up for you to try.

I know you won’t be able to watch porn in a mall. But you’ll get to feel how real the virtual world can be, and then all you need to do is use your imagination!

Which is the best site when it comes to VR porn videos?

Since this is a pretty new niche, most of the virtual reality porn sites don’t have a huge library of videos. But it’s growing each day, with more and more content added.

Here at Dark Angel Reviews, we have created our top 10 list of the best VR porn sites.

When creating this list, we looked at the content, quantity, and quality. So I recommend you read our reviews for a quick overview of what to expect from each site.

Currently, our top site is Holo Girls VR (review) offering a great selection of 4k and 5k VR porn videos.

We also have our niche site dedicated exclusively to virtual porn called VR Porn Reviews. Here you’ll find 40+ reviews of the best virtual porn.

How expensive is it?

You can expect to pay around $24.00 bucks if you sign up for a one-month membership. If you join for a 12-month membership, you can pay as low as $7 per month on the award-winning site Badoink VR. You can also save 30% with free VR goggles.

Payment Options

The most common way to pay for porn is still by credit card, but many sites offer other payment options today. Many of the sites in this list also accept PayPal, Bitcoin, and Gift Card. You can learn more about each sites payment option inside the full site review.

How big is the VR xxx niche today?

VR porn can’t be compared to regular porn memberships since the technology hasn’t been around for very long.

But this xxx niche is growing fast with more VR sex scenes added and new sites popping up, including transsexual VR sites. In a few years, I expect that the market will be much bigger, with even more niche virtual porn sites to choose from.

Do the sites offer 5k or 4k VR?

Yes, most sites in our top 10 list offer VR porn sex videos in HD, 4k. Also, much of the latest added content comes in 5K VR quality and some sites even have videos in 7k. So you can get the best possible video quality even when you watching adult virtual xxx videos. You can also often choose in which quality to download the videos.

Is there any VR cosplay porn site?

The VR cosplay porn niche is still small, but there is one site niched to the VR cosplay market VR Cosplay X review reviewed by our sister site VR porn reviews. The site has been nominated for the ‘Best VR Scene’ and has over 150+ cosplay VR videos.

Where can I watch VR creampie videos?

The can find the best selection of VR creampie videos at our two top sites Holo Girls VR and BadoInk VR, click on the links to enter the sites, and then go to the sites category section where you can filter the videos down to only show VR creampie scenes.

Which site do you recommend when it comes to teen VR porn?

You can find teen VR porn videos on most of the top-rated sites in our list, by visiting the site and filtering the sites by category. But if you want to find a site that is niched to the 18+ teen VR market, then you should read the 18 VR site review at our sister site VR Porn Reviews – 40+ Best VR sites. VR 18 is an exclusive site catering to fans of young-looking girls, the site still growing with 125+ videos.

How about lesbian VR porn?

Lez VR is the site to visit if you are looking for hot lesbian VR porn. Watch girls stimulating each other with their fingers, licking, and strapons. You can even filter the videos by sex position. Head over to our sister site VR Porn Reviews, to read the full review of Lez VR.