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The Japanese Porn Industry

AV (AVアイドル) stands for ‘adult video,’ and it’s also what they call the models/actresses (AV models) that star in Japanese porn movies. The models in the AV porn industry usually only stick around for a short period and star in an average of 5-10 videos. One thing that’s also different from Western porn is that it’s not unusual for a mainstream Japanese movie actress to star in adult videos, even if she’s famous outside the porn industry.

The Japanese AV industry is enormous. In the 1990s, around 30% of all video rentals were porn, and around 14000 Japanese AV porn movies were made yearly. At some time in the US, only around 2500 were made. Japanese paysites usually have many pornstars, with many sites having over 600+ models. They’re often sorted by name with their profile page, where you can find all the videos that she stars in. There’s also often an option to vote for your favorite models.

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