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What Is Lezdom

It’s basically lesbian domination involving only women, you’ll not see any men here. But what you’ll see is often a master, who’s is a dominant women often dressed up in latex or other kinky outfits. And then you’ll have the submissive girl / girls or the right term is often slaves. So it’s similar to what you would see in BDSM but the difference in Lezdom is that it doesn’t involve any guys.

Usually the lesbian porn (top 10 Lesbian sites) we see involves sexy girls licking, kissing and stimulating each other in all kinds of ways. And I most say I love that kind of porn. But if you want it to be more kinky girls dressed up with latex with a whip in her hand and a strapon around her waist ready to pound a submissive girl. Then you need to turn to the Lezdom sites to get your lesbian domination fantasies four filled!

When it comes to BDSM (top-rated BDSM sites) and kinky porn,  I find the Lezdom sites to be the most arousing porn to watch. Watching two girls having sex has always got me horny and now when adding the domination element, and the submissive girls it sure hasn’t made me less horny!

Also there’s different levels to the Lezdom sex, as with all kind of porn we all enjoy to watch various levels of sex from softcore to hardcore and inside the Lezdom container contains it all. If you’re not ready for the more hardcore domination scenes I would say you should start with a more softer site like Hot and Mean (review). This site more of a lesbian porn site but with girls being mean and dominating. But there’s not much of the hardcore Lezdom element here. And on the other side of the scale we have the hardcore kinky network with the most hardcore videos you probably have seen when it comes to lesbian dom. See submissive girls getting there asses whipped, pussies penetrated with strapons or when there master penetrates them with her hand in epic fisting scenes.

So what are you waiting for, time to start exploring this awesome world of hardcore lesbian domination!

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